Albuquerque Tree Service

Emergency Tree Removal • Tree Trimming • Stump Grinding • Land Clearing

Albuquerque Tree Service has been providing tree service in Albuquerque New Mexico for over 30 years.  Our company is known for our quality tree trimming, maintenance, difficult tree removals, professional arborists, competitive rates and friendly employees.  The local residents and business owners alike have given us consistently positive reviews since the day we first opened our doors.

Tree Removal

All of our tree doctors are certified and properly trained to use all of our tools from light saws we use for tree pruning to heavy duty equipment used for bringing down big dying trees.  Safety is an overriding priority for our business, we care about our employees and treat them as family.

Tree Trimming

As a full service tree care company, we provide any tree-related service in the industry from tree removal, tree cutting, tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding, cabling and bracing as well as any other sort of tree surgery.  No jobs are too big or too small for us.  We are known for getting satisfactory results in some of the trickier situations, such as how to remove a tree growing close to your house or other buildings.

Storm Damage / Emergency Tree Services

We are also known for our emergency tree service in the city.  We keep our regular maintenance schedule flexible so when customers call asking for an emergency tree removal, we can get their trees & brush piles hauled away quickly which helps them avoid further inconvenience.  We keep our emergency rates competitive because we know our emergency tree cleanup customers have already been through enough.